MarBall Odyssey

MarBall Odyssey 1.7

Marball madness style game for Mac


  • Lots of different levels
  • Tutorials to get you started
  • Similar to Marble Madness


  • Sluggish controls
  • Ball movement can be a bit unnatural sometimes


MarBall Odyssey is a marball madness style game for Mac. It is a well polished and slightly addictive game which throws in a few twists along the way.

To control your ball, use the cursor keys to move it through the various game levels. Your goal is to find the teleporter which will take you to the next level. Along the way, you can collect rings that will give you extra coins which, once you have enough, activates a special blue portal and one extra life on startup. In addition, collecting extra coins will give an extra life on exit.

There are things you can do along the way to enhance your time limit such as activating a purple checkpoint. In addition, walls can be broken using the big ball or the small ball with high velocity and bridges can be broken using the big ball. You can also climb onto walls using doors and bumpers before finishing a level to teleport you to the next one.

If your ball rolls off the field of play, then you lose a life in MarBall Odyssey. The game is finished or completed when you reach the goal, your time has expired, or all lives are lost. Those looking for an exact copy of Marble Madness may be dissapointed however. The controls can feel a bit sluggish and the movement of the ball a little bit unatural at times.

Overall however, MarBall Odyssey is a fun if slightly lacklustre clone of Marble Madness for Mac.

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MarBall Odyssey


MarBall Odyssey 1.7

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